Skin Care Core Basics Set

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This skin care set is designed to provide the basics in addressing your desire to take care of your skin, with high-quality, effective skin care products.

The foundation of any good skin care regimen should begin with three basic elements – Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturizer. Whether you are seeking a change in your current daily routine, or are seeking to begin to properly care for your skin, this skin care set is a great launching point for you.

  • Remove impurities, dirt, and debris
  • Prevent blackheads and facial blemishes
  • Balance skin pH, and protect from anti-oxidant damage
  • Nourish and hydrate skin cells
  • Retain and promote moisture for smoother, softer, healthy skin

This set includes:

Cucumber Chamomile Facial Cleanser (6 oz/177 ml)
HydroActive Marine Toner (7 oz/207 ml)
HydraDerm Moisture Rich Cream (1.7 oz/50 g)


Made in U.S.A. 

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How to use: (this could be a drop down to reveal the content below – may look cleaner?)

Step 1: AM/PM – Cucumber Chamomile Facial Cleanser – Apply a small (dime-sized) amount to wet face and neck, thoroughly cleanse, then dry.

Step 2: AM or PM – Apply exfoliant per instruction.

Step 3: AM/PM – HydroActive Marine Toner – Spray face and neck area liberally with toner. Gently massage product in, leaving some moisture for the following step.

Step 4: AM/PM – Apply serum per instruction.

Step 5: AM/PM – HydraDerm Moisture Rich Cream – Use fingertips to apply moisturizer to face and neck area.

Step 6: AM – Apply quality, non-comedogenic sunscreen.


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